Crescent Pale Mist

Gasyukal Country

A prosperous nation of people seeking magical wisdom. Also a foolish nation, where many pursue practices considered widely taboo.

The First Use of the Forbidden

The magic of the Forbidden was first invoked by the hands of the old Gasyukal Sages, who used it to destroy an old and distant country. What resulted was not only the simple knowledge of its existence, but also the destruction it brought.

The Second Use of the Forbidden

War broke out, and Gasyukal was pitted against its previous allies. Greatly at a disadvantage, the nation had very few options against its enemies' overwhelming might. Looking desperately to turn the war in its favor, Gasyukal once again invoked the Forbidden. However, after finding the powerful magic could not be controlled, the country of Gasyukal was pulled through a dimensional rift, becoming an unconquerable no-man's land known as the "Taboo State." Too powerful even for the combined powers of the Sages, the destruction brought by the Forbidden leaves little hope that anyone will ever to control como se toma el viagra the magic.

The Present

All who have been sent to investigate the Taboo State of Gasyukal have been confirmed dead. According to the doctors dispatched to the scene, the corpses were clean, with no sign of trauma or poisoning. After the report, though, the doctors were soon found dead as well.

Some speculate it is the nature of entering the Taboo State that killed them - that to enter the dimension is to die. However, Yunou believes it is something more malevolent; that the Pale Mist, which has been flowing in the dimension, is somehow at fault. This, and her mastery of controlling Pale Mist, is what drives her to return to Gasyukal.

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